After exclaiming good-night to one another, Seiji turned-off the light when you look at the lounge and gone back to his or her rooms.

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After exclaiming good-night to one another, Seiji turned-off the light when you look at the lounge and gone back to his or her rooms.

“Harano onii-chan, a present for you personally!”

As he gone back to his own room, he saw Reo moving outside and passing him a tiny souvenir box.

“thank-you.” Seiji happily accepted and established it up.

The modern day was actually a tiny milk products product rabbit mascot from sweetie Candy Girl . It actually was attached with a string, and was a good proportions for being put on his cellphone or his or her desk as a decoration.

“I really like this, the quite pretty,” the guy shared with her genuinely.

The small female beamed cutely.

After thoroughly putting away the small rabbit doll, Seiji deterred the lighting and went to sleep.

He then joined Reo’s spirit area.

He created their system and tested his [Gifts] alternative and saw he experienced gotten numerous savings from Shika’s, Mika’s, and Reo’s items.

After carefully checking out all his treat stuff, they felt that the most specific one of all of them got –

[totally free technique utilization card], gotten from Shika’s present.

Using this one-time-use credit, he or she should use any means of his free to him or her, without using any kind of his own strength or Mana, and dismissing any practices limits like quantity of era he should use they in a day. Eg, [lamp from Brink], that has been merely workable single on a daily basis, even in the event he or she used it once previously, he can use it once again on a single day by using this card!

He or she got an [Invisible fight credit] from Mika’s provide.

This one-time-use card would allow your in order to become entirely hidden until he or she handled some dwelling animal or individual. This condition may be kept for up to 2 moments, and it also am possible for those with a really high level of [Astral dream] in order to view your. If they assaulted something residing while under this invisibility result, his own encounter’s run could be twofold, and he was uncovered a short while later.

This is basically a traditional combined some assassin techniques like “stealth” and “backstab!”

He obtained a [Damage-canceling protection card] from Reo’s gifts.

Utilizing this one-time-card would allow him to bar each one hit upcoming at him and receive zero problems from using it.

He had best three words to spell out it: life-saving credit! They could certainly serve pretentiously applying this to block some foe’s supreme capacity.

Different from those 3 business, the others comprise some stat-raising playing cards and even things that experienced significantly less than stunning impact.

Seiji gratefully approved all of their ideas.

The man quickly utilized those stat-raising black-jack cards he’d gotten, which improved his own [Art], [Charisma], and [Spiritual electric power] stats correspondingly.

After that, he closed his or her technique and did start to apply cultivation.

After he or she achieved the advancement demands and paid the mandatory factors, Seiji mastered [Beginner-level Healing].

Seiji rested for some time, he then used the very same strategy for jumping off the hierarchy to leave Reo’s heart sphere.

As he woke awake, he or she grabbed awake softly so that you can definitely not wake Reo, got out of bed, don his jacket, and walked of his own space.

The guy stepped to the lounge, and found out that Chiaki wasn’t truth be told there!

The front doorway got open.

Seiji wandered exterior to determine the silver-haired charm standing up outdoors, silently observing evening heavens with her obtained cloth blanket addressing the lady arms.

The compacted snow have halted decreasing currently, and the moon received made an appearance. It was lighting everything with a gentle color shine.

Under this silver moonlight, a silver-haired lady am finding out about right at the heavens… this world felt attractive and poetic to Seiji.

This individual walked up to this lady back, and quietly checked the night time heavens including the woman.

After an instant of silence.

“one determine me personally,” Chiaki stated lightly. “I didn’t rest coupled with Mika, because I sensed that i might be struggle to sleep tonight. I will bring returned residence, but I really don’t wish return back… and so I could simply frustrate you tonight. Well, used to do wanna understanding exactly what it felt like to get to sleep on tatami rugs by a kotatsu ‘s back and… at any rate, I found myself only are willful. I am sorry regarding trouble i might have actually ignited you.”

Seiji looked towards the.

“I didn’t observe all in particular, and ended up being just letting you would because delighted. We arrived in the exact middle of the night to evaluate you because Having been worried if you become cool. I recognize that you could become a little bit willful every so often, and it’s great. Easily felt that which you were mentioning something ridiculous, I’d comment on they. If I believed which you were doing it unreasonable, I’d stop you in my irons fists of justice. Additionally, on one more palm, providing Really don’t imagine actually some thing irrational, i will work together with you, or give you some help, or accompany your.”

Seiji beamed delicately. “extremely, for this reason do not apologize, nor lose on your own a lot of in geeknerddating reviews loneliness… The manifestation of a lady run from a tragedy tale does not suit you whatever, Chiaki.”